Vehicle Management System

Our Vehicle Management software is not restricted to managing the individual vehicles, but includes the daily management of vehicles, fuel and services, drivers, etc. When it comes to improving efficiency, productivity and reducing the overall costs involved with a company's vehicle fleet it is essential to have Vehicle Management Software in place. This kind of system contributes and forms a firm basis of effective Vehicle Management Software. Being able to provide excellent records when it comes to auditing, formulating strategies, designing and implementing policies, procedures and systems is regarded as a quick and simple task when you are making use of a good Vehicle Management Software.

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Inventory Management system



Advanced reporting

Create, run and deliver the information you want, the way you want it, and when you want it. Start with our standard reports, and make them more meaningful by tailoring them to your exact fleet needs.


GPS vehicle tracking

See vehicle location in near real-time and a complete trip history. Our patented algorithms provide accurate, detailed information. Get fast, precise updates with Active Tracking and manage driver privacy with Privacy Mode


Route optimization

Reduce vehicle mileage and fuel consumption by creating zones and routes for your drivers.Vehicle management software lets you compare actual versus planned routes.


Report generation

View sales history in the form of a list of your most popular products. This feature also enables you to manage items in your inventory that have not reached the sales levels you expected, for example, by offering discounts on them.


Stock returns handling

Manage returns more effectively by reducing time-to-return through automation of the entire process.


Purchase order records

Create a single view of purchase order records. With our Inventory Management System You can easily identify which products are in demand, both perpetually and seasonally, and prepare to meet your customers’ needs.

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