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Training Management Software

The training management system software is to be needed each and every organization to maintain their schedule and helps in creating, delivering and tracking training and education.

Moreover in industry many of employees would get training but in outdated way but by using employee management training software which would help you in each an every stage with complete guidance.

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Overview - Training management software

In this software having well established e-learning program with giving skills along with product knowledge so it would be like giving training to instructor, employees, building teamwork, along with Partners.

As to start with there are many specifications which would help you to enable or to get good achievements in terms of good employees, building goodwill, management of manpower, usability.

Calendar for important reminder, biometric to keep an eye on your employees, knowing the caliber by taking online exam pre and post test, Having prompt notification as per scheduled or important message, finally analyzing the reports.

Such features that would help you to go parallel with work so this attribute would not hesitate to your mind and does the work calm and composed manner.

The employees are not limiting their minds by using imagination or ideas but we are creating their mindset to face each and every situation wisely.

Training management software


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Training management centre software helps in viewing the schedule dates in calendar to provide training to employees on time, taking pre and post test and many more.

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Biometrics helps you to analyse the behaviour whether the trainee or an employee is on time or not furthermore it would also helps you to integrate your device for inspection and take necessary action against their irregularity or not been punctual.

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Pre-post Test

By conducting modern form of online test by which you can check a particular knowledge of employee.In pre test only you will qualified for a particular course but in post test you will be certified as an employee.

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E-learning Program

Training center management helps you to allocate the programs by a particular instructor moreover it helps in taking video learning sessions, using visuals or tutorials for clearing the scenarios.

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Many events is helpful to your organizations but if you forget to remember here you will get updates by adding events on a day you want to conduct or a test it will enable a pop-up through which you will be get updated in regular basis.

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After completing your post test employee would give their views on training programs in which he/she has attended. Through this company can improvise in training program and get accurate results by detecting the loop holes.

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Email And Notification

As you would also been notified when you have uploaded your file, shared your file, enrolled in training program, felicitate.

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This would help you to analyse best employee with their entire performance in test, on the spot task and lastly well timed in their work.


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