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    Scale your business to newer heights by adopting our best-in-class range of advanced taxi and cab booking solutions catering to your diverse business needs. With the fantastic features offered by our taxi booking app, you can offer a thorough scope of advanced solutions to the end users. At Digital webweaver, our skilled team of highly qualified and experienced app developers has built several innovative native iOS as well as Android-based cab and taxi booking solutions that come with all the important key features and an instinctive UI towards ensuring seamless taxi booking through the branded application.

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    Taxi App

    People prefer taxi services for an assortment of reasons, and this presents endless opportunities for entrepreneurs. Developing an app from scratch is a time-consuming affair and costs a fortune. So, availing a customizable, cost & time efficient Taxi software is a better and more reliable alternative. We offer a wide range of stellar features to make your app stand out from the rest with ease.

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    Taxi App

    The application is also the main working tool for the driver (after the car). With its help, he can see active (inactive) orders, see his statistics, plan his trips according to online maps and react to feedback left.

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    Trip Earnings

    Drivers can see all their trip earnings details in the App

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    Instant Alert of Ride Requests

    Your drivers will get immediate alerts from surrounding areas.

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    Upcoming Rides Notification

    Ride notification feature helps drivers to manage the upcoming rides according to the current ride.

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    Route Navigation

    Get Route Navigation to users location to current location through the map.

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    Ride History

    With history ride feature, driver can check the count of rides made during a particular time duration (day, week or month)

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    Timing Management For Drivers

    Drivers can prefer to go offline or online based upon their availability.

    This is the side of the application that allows customers to order a taxi. A set of standard functions includes registration, order form, the ability to track routes, make payments and leave feedback. As usual, the application is downloaded from the market.

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    Easy Registration & On boarding

    New riders will be able to register themselves immediately with a mobile phone or an email.

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    Fastest Way to Book Cabs

    Locating and booking nearby cabs is extremely easy and fast within a few taps.

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    Ride Scheduling

    Riders can book their rides in advance and manage their entire schedule from a dedicated dashboard.

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    Live Tracking

    Riders can track their movements on the GPS map embedded within the app.

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    Driver Review And Rating

    Whether a particular rider has had a good experience or a bad experience, he or she can easily leave driver -related reviews and ratings.

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    Multiple Payment Options

    Your cab drivers will be able to accept payments through cash, credit cards, net banking and digital wallets

    The owner of the application (or any other person who has access to the administrative panel) can manage the processes from the inside and track all data coming into the application from both taxi app users and performers.

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    Multiple Country

    Admin can add more than one country and choose to keep their business running anytime.

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    Multiple City

    Admin can add more than one city and run the business in a city anytime.

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    Manage the Drivers

    Driver management feature enables the admin to add new drivers or remove existing ones, amend commission fee and payments

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    Manage Vehicles

    This feature will help the admin to add new vehicles and manage the current ones as well.

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    Manage User

    They can manage and edit User, Decline User, Check user trip history etc details.

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    Payment Integration

    This feature comprises giving payment to the drivers, receiving payment from passengers and deciding the commission.

    Digital Web Weaver

    How does Taxi Booking Application Work?

    Taxi Booking App

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    Taxi Apps require a high-level of security and features, our experienced developers use advanced technologies to build high performance Taxi Apps.


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