Print Shop Order Management Software

Automate your printing orders

Printshop Order Management Software build to increase the productivity of printing business. Now you don’t need to accept files via emails, Don’t need to organize orders in folder, Get rid of excels. Let customers order through your software and let the software manage all the status of work along with Ledger.

Print Shop Order Management Software

Work Flow :

Admin : Admin add all the inventory (eg. Visting Cards) along with category

User : User Register to the system -> Choose category-> Choose Qty-> Choose Products-> Upload CDR or PSd file -> Choose Transport – >Place Order

  • My account
  • Ledger
  • My orders
  • Profile
  • Quotation
  • Invoice
  • Orders Management
  • Category
  • Products
  • Assign Products attribute
  • Transport
  • Wallet
  • Manage Products
  • Website Settings
  • Complaints
  • Quotation

Options for users:

Options for Admin :

Payment through Online Banking or Wallet

Admin : Manage Order – > Change Status of Order ( User Notified view SMS )

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