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    Pen-and-paper tests have been the norm in the education sector. The COVID-19 outbreak is just one instance that has forced universities to conduct online exams. However, in a world of constant upheaval, a catastrophe of any nature can keep disrupting the normal pace of events.

    Digital Web Weaver

    Online Examination Software

    The digital disruption is conquering the entire business world at a rapid pace, and enterprises irrespective of their industry are in a compelling situation now to adapt to the online conditions. The academic industry is no exception in it, and the current pandemic situation has left them clueless and provided a space to think about the beneficiary of availing the digital transformation. Conducting exams or tests is a tiresome process since it involves various activities like question paper generation to declaring results. Every activity involved in it requires a certain amount of manual effort and direct presence.

    Digital Web Weaver

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    Online Examination Software

    Question Bank

    Assist teachers and other educators, to get involved seamlessly in the question bank preparation activity.Hence the job of a teaching professional is made easy that they need to monitor the questions got sorted properly in an appropriate way.


    Candidate Management

    Dedicated online exam software that helps in the efficient management of hundreds of enrolled candidates.Now the teaching professionals can monitor the exam activities of the enrolled candidates in a more relaxed way and easily control students’ online accounts.

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    Create Test

    Creating a test in the stereotypical format is a lengthy and tiresome process that involves filtering out questions from different subjects and allocating marks to them.


    Take the Test

    Futuristic online proctoring software, encouraging the students / candidates  to take the test in the bounded feasible time and also completely nullifies the chances of them getting involved in any malpractices. 


    Analytical Report

    Our online exam software provides an accurate in-depth analytical report with crystal clarity on question paper generation to calculate results and announce the ranking.


    Security Integration

    High-end security assured in our online examination software that implements the multi-factor authentication model and impedes the same to be practiced by the key users and administrators to ensure authenticity.

    Exam Settings

    Plan and execute the exams with utmost perfection using our online proctoring software powered by an artificial intelligence system. tihs software we deliver navigates academic institutions in the right direction and promptly adopts digitization.

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    Result and Ranking

    Announce the results and rank your students flawlessly using our online exam software, it provides sheer assistance by calculating the marks right and ranking the students according to their result achievement.

    Digital Web Weaver

    Technology Used


    LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)


    Codeigniter MVC





    Digital Web Weaver

    working process


    A superlative web portal that carries out complete functionality set up for the admin to manage, monitor, control, and edit the entire operability happening in allied with the online examination process. The educational/academic institute can now assign a dedicated supervisor or admin to handle the monitoring process and make necessary and timely changes and update whenever required.


    Students got availed with the privilege of utilizing both the web app and mobile app of our online exam software to the core, where they can find the entire allotted functionalities for them both on the big screen and in their smartphone as well. Certain software that we have released at the right time gives deadlock to the students’ malpractice activities and thoughts and also assists the administrative staff in reducing their routine works.


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    Online Examination Software

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