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Online Examination Software

Pen-and-paper tests have been the norm in the education sector. The COVID-19 outbreak is just one instance that has forced universities to conduct online exams. However, in a world of constant upheaval, a catastrophe of any nature can keep disrupting the normal pace of events.
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Online Examination Software

Saves cost and time

There is a string of procedures associated with the examination- creating questionnaires, editing, registration, managing physical exam centers, evaluation, result declaration and re-evaluation. Our online examination system software solves these problems by automating all the manual tasks, thus significantly reducing efforts.

Scalable platform

Our  software works on a highly robust platform. Unlike pen-and-paper tests, online assessments can be scaled minus the cost escalation.Since the exams can be taken from anywhere and anytime with a stable internet connection and a system, it’s no need to commute to the examination centers.

More Secure

The confidentiality of the questionnaire is of utmost significance in conducting exams. Any misuse of content compromises with the exams’ standards and results in postponing or re-test. This problem is efficiently addressed in online examination system software.

Conduct Exams Seamlessly

Our online examination software is easy to use. In this software teachers can create questionnaires or seek help from the question bank. The quick test results and analytics further help the administration in drawing insights that could be used in the future.

Automatic Grading

The automated grading feature has eliminated the need for assigning and managing teachers. It removes the scope of human error and provides faster results. Auto-grading does not stop at MCQs but also expands across essay-type questions.

Online Examination Software

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