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    DIGITAL WEB WEAVER offering library management system. Our library management software is a comprehensive library management solution that is suitable for both large & small libraries in school, colleges and  universities & private ones. At DIGITAL WEB WEAVER, We provide superior quality services in library management software, which helps our clients in daily view of statistical records. It allows fast searches by the author name, title, subject, keywords & Allows “Easy Word” searches or advanced searching.

    A Library Management System (LMS) gives access to and manages the resources in your library.​ A well-chosen system will increase your library’s efficiency, save valuable administration time, lead to a better educational experience for pupils and help develop independent learning.

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    Learning Management System



    File Management

    It’s time to create, manage, store, use, and reuse your files regarding the teaching practices, learning curriculum, test preparations, and the student/employee details in a more sophisticated and secured way using our LMS that brings in real digital transformation in the file handling process.


    Easy to use Content

    Our LMS service helps you to create course modules and other study materials in a user-friendly way that includes implementing audio and video scripts. We ensure that you don’t face any discomfort in handling the scripts in the process of course module creation.


    Industrial Standards

    We deploy niche industrial standards in implementing the course management module of our Learning Management System, where we ensure the entire process ranging from content management deployment to its execution and operability maintained with the required standards.


    Assessing Tool

    Lucrative and dedicated assessing tools help in creating a flexible format of question papers and question banks to assess the knowledge of your students/deployed workforce. The high-end LMS software we develop frames the important and striking questions in your required format to carry out 100% proper talent assessment.


    Conduct Survey

    Our enhanced LMS software helps you in conducting both internal and external surveys to know better about the online tests conducted by your peers and other parallel industries, their course curriculum, and teaching approaches for a complete betterment.

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    Structured Learning

    We are highly aware of the academic teaching and learning rules that got implemented online, and hence we securely practice a stringent learning method in our LMS software, here we can bring in the required customization that could restrict the users from sharing the course details with their friends

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    We bring in the best customization into our LMS services to develop the supreme feel of availing a high-quality service in our clients’ mindset; hence we highly focus on the development as well as software design themes to provide a classy touch.


    Responsive Design

    Accessibility is the one factor that determines the reach of the software amongst its users; we are the best LMS software development company who focuses on its device adaptability and hence create a completely responsive one that fits with any screen.


    Impressive Home page

    Home page or landing page is the index and deciding factor for any website to get the required number of clients and projects, they play the deciding role and hence sensed to be always crucial in making or breaking the growth of a website, get developed the most astonishing home page allied with our LMS software which keeps improving your learning streak of the candidate and also your business growth.

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    Technology Used


    LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)


    Codeigniter MVC





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    working process

    The role of a Learning Management System varies depending on the organization’s objectives, online training strategy, and desired outcomes. However, the most common use for LMS software is to deploy and track online training initiatives. Typically, assets are uploaded to the Learning Management System, which makes them easily accessible for remote learners. In some cases, the LMS may even have built-in eLearning authoring tools that allow you to develop online training materials without additional third-party software.


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