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    About App

    Laundry app is one such addition that makes life simplified. Where customers are looking for a full chain of services for washing, the Laundry app clone brings the complete solution. From easy booking, pick-up and delivery at doorstep, to selecting the detergent and type of washing system.If you have a laundry business, seeking to increase customers and generate more revenue, then taking business online is a next gen step. Transforming your business to the digital market with on demand laundry app development services make you available for the customers in the city boosting your orders and returns.

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    About App

    Well, the fast-paced lifestyle means that people want more work in less time and they are seeking the simplest ways that can assist them in their daily tasks. Imagine washing clothes at home or even using public coined machines, now imagine your clothes get delivered to your doorstep by merely tapping on your smartphone. It’s as simple as that.

    On Demand Apps
    Laundry App
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    User Registration

    Option to register on the App or login through Facebook making it an easy entry to the App.

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    Manage Pick Up and Delivery Address

    The pick up address will be automatically identified with GEO IP or the pick up and delivery address can be manually entered.

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    Browse Services

    Select from the services options like Laundry Wash, Dry Clean, Steam Press etc.

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    Multiple Payment Options

    Customers can pay in the mode they choose, with all latest options available.

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    Book for Service

    Once the laundry details are entered the user can book for the service as per the time slot available.

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    Schedule Pick Up and Delivery

    Allow your customers to book as per the time slots available for a pick up and delivery of laundry.

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    Store Locator

    Using the map, it helps customers to locate the ear by stores and serve them in a better way.

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    Store Pickup

    A combination of online and offline features: order online and pick up from the closest store.

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    Website Ordering

    One can order through a web app. We use both web and apps to order your grocery.

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    Help & Support

    Integrate the customer support to resolve the queries raised by the customers.

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    Change Location

    Enable the customer to change their location in the app while travelling

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    Inventory Management

    Integration of inventory management software to control the cost and product flow.

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    Managing Laundry Vendor Details

    Add/edit registered laundry vendors with complete details like name, address, contact number and registration id for records.

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    Manage Categories and Services

    Add/Edit categories and multiple services to be provided.

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    Manage Orders

    Get complete details of the services booked by your customers with the time of pickup/delivery and address for timely service.

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    Manage Customers

    This section stores complete details of your customers like name, delivery address, contact number etc.

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    Handle Payments

    Receive and classify payments made towards orders processed by partnering laundry vendors

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    Notification Management

    Communicate with customers and partners with text messages, emails and app notifications.

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    How does Laundry Application Work?

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    Why choose us

    High Efficiency

    The credibility of the business is met by ensuring user demand by providing great services. Laundry on Demand from Smarter technologies brings in improving the efficiency of your laundry business by giving good service for customers.


    Market Growth

    Technology growth provides room for the expansion that encompasses many people and professionals across various geographies and markets.



    Market trends and the customers can be analyzed by gathering the data over a specific period of time.


    Profile Integration

    User-friendly registration steps making customers use the app easily. Social media registrations for easy usage are available

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    Request for service

    Users can avail the search service by placing a request in the search bar.


    Payment Method

    Payment methods are made easy.


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