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The old school of shopping in a grocery store is left far behind. In today’s fast pacing world, people are becoming time-bound but grocery is the basic necessity for living which no one can deny. In such a situation, a smart and easy to use mobile app can make a big difference.

The grocery delivery app is quite easy to operate, just you need to do is to select online your preferred grocery items and the item will be at your doorstep in a short time span. 

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    About App

    As a leading grocery app development company, Digital web weaver can make apps for multi store grocery chains, aggregators, and single grocery shops. We can develop an on-demand grocery delivery application by keeping the requirements of your consumers in mind. Our experienced app developers can help you come up with a feature-rich grocery app that reflects all the facilities of a physical store. We offer 360-degree grocery app development solutions to startups and SMEs at affordable rates.

    We build a powerful and secure back end admin dashboard to maintain the entire process. Get started your Grocery app development for your business today and increase your sales online.

    On Demand Apps
    Grocery App
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    User Registration

    Users can register themselves by filling a form to take leverage of all features of the app

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    Browse Products

    Select the items from a list of categories, each has a detailed description.

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    Schedule Delivery

    It allows users to choose the delivery time slot based on their convenience.

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    Order Tracking

    Customers can track the orders and notification for their order status.

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    Offers & Discount

    Availing various offers and discounts for first-time users and frequent buyers.

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    Setting/Rating & Feedback

    Manage your profile and Tell the merchant about your likes and dislikes about the app. Rate the app.

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    Store Locator

    Using the map, it helps customers to locate the ear by stores and serve them in a better way.

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    Store Pickup

    A combination of online and offline features: order online and pick up from the closest store.

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    Website Ordering

    One can order through a web app. We use both web and apps to order your grocery.

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    Help & Support

    Integrate the customer support to resolve the queries raised by the customers.

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    Change Location

    Enable the customer to change their location in the app while travelling

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    Inventory Management

    Integration of inventory management software to control the cost and product flow.

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    A one stop web admin to manage all aspects of your grocery business.

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    Manage Stores

    Run and manage multiple stores and handle them individually in one place.

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    Assign Managers

    Add managers to your stores to simplify and streamline store management.

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    Assign Orders

    Manually assign new orders to your stores or let it be handled automatically.

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    Manage Customers

    View and manage all customers registered on the platform and do more.

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    Reporting & Analytics

    Leverage data and insights to grow your grocery app business faster and smarter.

    Digital Web Weaver

    How does Grocery Application Work?

    Grocery App

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    Practical Analysis of Your Idea

    We study your idea in desired targeted market & collect application requirements to customize features.


    Analytics Integration

    Using best analytic platforms to provide support for integration.


    Payment Integration

    Providing secure and reliable payment integration support that is compatible with all the platforms.


    Support and Maintenance

    Our 24×7 services are available to resolve you


    App Submission to App Store

    We upload the app to the Google Play store and Apple App store.


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