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GoAMC - AMC Software

Ultimate AMC - Annual Management Contract Software

An annual agreement contract is an agreement with a service provider and repair and maintenance of property used by organization. Annual maintenance software is used to avoid such unnecessary work which would only increase your deficit.

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AMC Software

We are providing best annual maintenance software which would help from the large manufacturing machines maintenance to computers and printers used in your office. However for improving the operation of business organization they are using AMC because they want quality of product to be managed and customer delivery.

Furthermore by implementing annual maintenance contract software it will ensure company to perform their task on time it will help to make customer delight by giving good service. We believe in not to waste your time with explanations but only give solution. So make use of this service frequently and by using such features like on time, able to see monthly reports, Smart view in which it will help you in on time delivery though this you will see growth in business.



AMC Software Features

Expense Module

In this software we are providing customer wise expense report,Service engineer wise expense by this it will help you out to recognize easily that how much expense is been occured on a particular customer.

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Multiple Language Support

Our AMC software is not limiting the language it would help you out in every language. Not stop your work by limiting your language explore the software by knowing in your mother tongue..

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Customer Sales Model

Our software remembers each an every schedule, List of pending orders, Find the reports for the same to get exact result and by using this service you may able to manage well with less errors.

Smart Summary

AMC Management System has smart summary in dashboard. This will have the brief of AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract, AMC Service and Complaints.Also you can see how many complaints are open and how many complaints are pending.

Remainders & Quotations

Having a good feature that would save your time and money such as this attribute helps you out to be alert in terms of payment additionally it helps out to get varieties of quotation to select the best one.

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Track Client History

It is important to know and how to maintain relationship with the customer. Our AMC Management Software will help you know all complaints,amc warranty status and sales warranty status in one click.

AMC Software

There are two types of
Annual maintenance cost

Comprehensive Computer AMC  includes all parts (Here, you are not charged separately for the labor or for the parts replaced).

Non-Comprehensive Computer AMC includes repair & services only with cost of defective to be borne by the customer.

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